Exactly What To Do With Acne Scars! (From Experience)

Exactly What To Do With Acne Scarring

What to do when you have giant acne scars from having really severe acne in the past? And also what to do with mild scars too. Now I’m a big fan of articles. They get to the point immediately. And then get into the long talking part. So here are the treatments that I have actually looked up, and found people to have high reviews of that actually work for acne scars. And here are the treatments from lightest to most severe of treatment. And I’m gonna get more into, what each one is as we go into the article. But I’m just gonna list them right now.

Starting with dermabrasion brush, mechanical exfoliation, retin-a, chemical peels from light to deep, micro dermabrasion, laser treatments, dermapen and augmentation. And fillers. And that is the list.

Dermabrasion brush

Dermabrasion brush to remove acne scars

Now let’s get into which ones are effective, and which ones I have used in which ones I suggest. Now we’re gonna move from the light, to the medium, to the severe treatment that you can do for your acne scars. So these first 2 are really for people with very minimal scars. Like almost non visible. Otherwise if you have deep Boxcar, deep needle ice, the ice pick type scars, these are gonna help. But dermabrasion brush, which is kind of like that little spinning brush.

You’ve probably seen from Clarisonic. I’m sure there are other ones. It’s just a spinning brush of fibrous style bristles. It’s not a metal, or like a hard surface. And you just it just spins, and it’s supposed to remove the top layer of dead skin. These may or may not work. Who really knows? For me I had too severe acne for this to work. So when I tried it, it wasn’t doing anything for my acne scars. It wasn’t doing anything for my acne.

Mechanical exfoliation for acne scars

Mechanical exfoliation to fight acne scars

Moving on to the other most common light treatment for acne scars, and acne in general is mechanical exfoliation. So you’ve probably seen this before, I think st. Ives has a brand of this. Basically like a pumice stone, or more commonly, it’s like a wash or something it using the shower, that has little tiny pieces of snow. Or something that’s mechanically able to scrub your face as you use it. That scraping is again purposefully trying to remove that top layer of dead skin. And once again this did not help me with my acne, or with my acne scars after my acne had receded, gone away.


Retin-a to get rid of acne scars

Now moving on to the medium list, and everything from this point on to the end has pretty much been done over and over. No brand has been read thousands of times. But people with true acne scars, as things that have helped but there’s I’m gonna get more into it. And I’ll tell you guys about which ones I think are the best. Speaking of one of the best, retin-a. I suggest this for anybody that can get that has some serious acne scars to deal with. This is just as simple as a topical ointment cream that you put on your face.

The only reason that’s difficult to get, is because you have to have a prescription from a dermatologist or doctor to get this. So you do have to go in and say, what’s up to the guy to get it? But what this does is you put it on your face, and it actually removes the top layer of skin. It is vitamin A derivative. And remove that top layer of skin. It helps create new layers of skin. I believe. But in in that process causes your skin to even out the surface levels. That way your, your acne scars don’t look as bad.

Now I have used retin-a so many times during my acne treatment itself, but especially after my acne treatment when I was trying to treat my acne scars. I saw a significant difference in my rolling cheek scars. Specific all. When it comes to like I had discoloration over here, next to my ear. I had a lot deeper ones in certain areas. Those didn’t really get helped much by that. But those rolling acne scars were really helped by retin-a. So I suggest checking that out.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels can remove acne scars

Chemical peels now I’m kind of on the fence with chemical peels. I do know that they do work for some people, but other people kind of have this up-and-down experience, where some people see nothing happen from it. Some people see, or at least they say, they think that is the holy grail of everything. Now chemical peels all vary in severity of the actual chemical. You’re using to peel that top layer of dead skin off. Anything from AHA which is kind of the lighter treatment that most people can use. I think you can even just buy it at the store on Amazon. No big deal. And then there’s more intense ones there’s a kind of a medium version of TCA. Potent version of the same treatment with a higher percentage of the TCA. And that is the like severe chemical peel.

All chemical peels are going to cause you to have a very irritated face. Very red face. Depending on how severe it is. It’s gonna stay with you for multiple days. You’re gonna have to stay out of sunlight, etc etc. Things like that. And they have medium returns like I was saying earlier. Some people see great returns on this, some people don’t. And they can go from cheap to really expensive. This one I think you have to do your own research on to see if you think it’s worth it. Read Also 10 Tips On How To Really Get Rid Of Acne in One Week.


Microdermabrasion help remove acne scars

And there’s so much confusing when it comes to microdermabrasion and dermabrasion and like 30,000 other derivatives of the same phrase. But microdermabrasion is basically, it’s it’s kind of hard to explain but basically they have this tiny little vacuum. This little propulsion unit. It shoots finely ground crystals into your skin. The reason that this is supposed to be beneficial is, it shoots them in your skin which causes damage. But all at the same level, because it’s shooting them at the same pressure. And then as it’s shooting them down, another vacuum right beneath it is pulling them back up. So shooting men pulling them up. And then your face is just, you know finely ground.

You know skin. And it allows it to grow back at a similar rate by stimulating collagen growth etc etc. And the thought process is that it’s all gonna be even afterwards. This one actually does have some good success in it. A lot of people have said they seen some good success in this one. But again, this is not one that is seen as like the Holy Grail. Perfect thing for people with with acne scars.

Laser for Acne Scars Treatment

Laser is the best acne scars remover

Now we move on to the heavy, expensive, long-term lots of side effect treatments. Now these are ones that are gonna have the they’re gonna yield the biggest results right? They’re gonna be the most expensive though. And they’re gonna keep you out of, you know normal life for the longest. Starting with laser. Now laser was what I would suggested and there are so many different types of laser. This laser 2, this Fraxel, there’s like 45 other ones. So again you do have to do your own research on which type is gonna be right for your acne scar type. Because your acne scar tech plays a lot to do with, what type of treatment you do? And also, what your doctors gonna think and suggest?

Because what I did is I went to my dermatologist with the intention of laser, and then he turned me on to dermapen which is what we’ll talk about. But laser shoots little lasers into your skin. And there’s a couple different versions of this. And the idea is that those lasers are at such a high, I don’t think it’s a frequency than a heat. I don’t know honestly I’m not. Well-versed on this. But what it does is when it shoots those lasers into your skin, it causes little pits. But the pits are all at the same depth.

All of these ideas are kind of the same just with different, different mediums different ways to perform it. And by causing those holes to be all the same depth. It stimulates that collagen growth and it’ll all grow back relatively even. Again, most of these treatments are not going to work the first time. You’re gonna have to do them and over and over, to help that evening out process get more even.


Dermapen for acne scars

Now we’ve gone to dermapen. Laser is very expensive compared to dermapen. A laser treatment was going to be about three times the cost that my, my dermapen treatment was gonna be. So I ended up doing 3 dermapen treatments. It was 350 dollar each session. It should have been 500 but because I’m social media person, they gave it to me for 350. So a dermapen treatment that I was supposed to get was 593 dollar. So what it cost me 1500 a laser treatment was gonna cost me $2,000. Now the best way that I can explain the dermapen, and probably the simplest way that I can explain it, is just a tattoo gun without ink.

Obviously things are little bit different. The gauge of the needle is a little bit different. That’s the same kind of idea. They’re just going to rub this little opening on a plastic pen. All of your face, and in the middle of that little plastic pen. Or a few metal needles that are shooting straight downwards into your skin. Causing you to have again little holes in your skin that are all the same depth.

Thus stimulating regrowth at the same rate. Now this should not be confused with and a lot of people will come up with this suggestion. Dermapen shooting these needles in straight, is not the same as a derma roller. A roller has those same style needles, that are supposed to penetrate your skin. But the problem is that a dirt pen shoots in your skin, and comes right back out of it. A derma roller rolls into your skin which causes an uneven scratch. Doesn’t my dermatologist totally. Causes uneven scratch because it hits the surface pulls and scratches in. And then as it comes out of the skin is kind of scooping back out.

So instead of making holes that are straight up and down, it’s actually making scoops. As it’s rolling. If that makes sense. So he said that’s actually not a good thing to do the derma rolling. But the dermapen in my opinion is pretty decent if you have the money for it. Now something I didn’t quite understand is that the dermapen actually takes up to nine months to start seeing results. So you aren’t gonna be able to kind of judge your results in the first six months or anything that. I think that’s what I was doing.

Now I have actually seen quite a big improvement in my actual scarring, but the thing that I think kind of proved to me that dermapen does work in some respect is, I had this very very discolored spot next to my ear over here. And it used to be this dark purple. Very dark purple. Kind of looked like an old blood blister. And now it has alleviated color. Significantly.

So I would say that dermapen is actually very effective, if you have the money for it. If you don’t have the money for it, then I would go with retin-a. If you have the money for both of them, then I would say do both of them. That’s what was best for my type of scarring. And my scarring was probably about, I would say like a C+, or a B -. If A+ was like the most of your type of acne. I’m doing lots of talk him in this article, but I really want to kind of explain each type of treatment that you can do. I don’t want to leave you guys with a short article that has a catchy title, without actually leaving it for information.


Fillers the last tips to prevent acne scars

So the last one I want talk to you guys about which is proven to work extremely well. But it’s kind of severe is augmentations and fillers. Basically. A lot of people with ice pick, deep scar, super deep, start scars will have an augmentation happen and a filler that happens. And where they take that hole, right so your skin is right here. And then you have a hole. So they take your skin that has a hole in it and they fill underneath it. With I’m not exactly sure what they fill it with. But that causes that hole to be less depressed by filling the space underneath it. Which causes all of your acne scars to start to pop up.

The way that they do this surgery is pretty severe. They actually stick a needle into your skin, and then try they kind of wiggle around like this, to release your skin from the, the, the subcutaneous fat underneath it. And then they fill it. It looks pretty crazy, but people have seen pretty good results from. So this is one that you’ll have to look into on your own, because I can’t make the judgement whether this is too scary or severe for you.

So there it is my friends. Those are the treatments that, that I think are effective. There are so many other treatments are gonna find. There’s a lot of different remedies. And I’m not saying that those ones are bad, but I’m saying that these are the ones that I have personally researched. And have have seen like hundreds and thousands of people leaving reviews saying that they work. For me personally these are the ones that have worked for me. The dermapen, and the retin-a were by far the best ones at all for me. So you should check out all of these. I hope this article kind of lays some basic ground works for you on what you can do to help your acne scars. Get better kind of empower you with some information so you don’t feel so lost, because that’s definitely how I felt like.

I was just trying to figure out everything out of myself, and nobody really had the answers for me. So I hope that you can take this article, this information, hit Google with it, kind of decide what you think is the best approach for you. And I really hope that that treatment actually helps you. And I hope it helps get you to where you want to be with your skin. Thanks for tuning in my friends.

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