5 Best Ways To Get Pregnant Naturally

Best Ways To Get Pregnant Naturally

Hello, Welcome back.! Today, I wanted to share with you 5 easy, completely natural ways to get pregnant quickly. Winding 9, 10 months I guess we’re running 10 months. How we implemented and used a lot of these, a lot of these different tactics to get pregnant. I feel like some of them are you know, pretty, pretty straightforward. We’re things that I was already doing. They might be some things that you’re already doing. But when you piece them all together, they definitely make your life a little bit easier when you’re in that sort of very overwhelming time of trying to conceive.

I think it kind of goes without saying, but I just want to put a little disclaimer obviously. I’m not a doctor. These are just natural suggestions. And of course, if you have any questions or serious concerns, always consult your physician. So, let’s jump in and talk about five natural ways to get pregnant fast.

First Way To Get Pregnant Naturally: Do not stressing out

First Way To Get Pregnant Naturally-Do not stressing out

So the first thing I want to talk about is reducing your stress. That is probably one of the biggest things to introduce as quickly as possible if you want to get pregnant fast. There are a lot of things to be stressed out about. Sort of even pregnancy as I write like life is so stressful. But when you start trying to conceive, it’s really easy to get kind of caught up in the stress of, you know what day should we baby dance? What day am i ovulating? All those things can just? make the journey, and just make the experience. So incredibly worrisome and stressful.

Stress is just going to decrease your chances of conceiving.? So I think it’s so important to just slowly start integrating. Some really nice stress-free practices into your routine. One of my favorites is, well one of my favorite is meditation. The other one is exercise. So I’ll talk first about meditation. I think it’s so important to just find a little bit of time for yourself during your sort of daily chaotic routine, to just find a little bit of you time, where you can center yourself. Breathe. All those things are gonna help. Especially kind of get you get yourself out of your own head, and I think that’s really important. So, if you’ve never meditated before, you can literally just sit with your eyes closed. Put the timer on your phone for five minutes.

I find that even that is so helpful. There are definitely some free meditation apps out there. I feel like you need a little bit of assistance, you can use an app or you can just kind of go on YouTube. And type in like meditation, guided meditation. I’m sure like a million articles will come up. But just finding a little bit of time for you to sit, and free yourself of like all of the stressful worrisome thoughts in your head, I think is really, really fantastic, and really beneficial.

Second To Get Pregnant Fast: Exercising

 Second To Get Pregnant Fast: Exercising

The other tactic I use to release stress is exercise. This was actually the second thing on my list the second sort of natural way to get pregnant fast is exercise. So keeping your body healthy right. You’re gonna be carrying, and creating a little life inside your body. You’re just so exciting. You want to make sure that the environment for your baby, and the baby’s little home is as healthy as absolutely possible. I made 2 articles, one that said like, how I’m preparing my body for pregnancy. I think was like 5 to 7 months out. How I’m preparing my body 1 to 3 months out. I sort of discussed in those articles, how I was creating this healthy environment of.

How I was preparing my body to get pregnant. So definitely check those out if you haven’t. But yeah exercise makes you feel good. It’s a really good stress reliever. It’s a really fantastic way to just create a little bit of time, where you are just focused on you. Just focused on your body. And if it’s your first baby, I think really take advantage of that. Because once your baby comes, you’ll no longer have time or like any time for yourself. So, yeah. Definitely exercise. I would highly recommend I mean uh applies instructor.

So I would recommend Pilates. Because it’s really important that you strengthen up your pelvic floor, strengthen up your TVA, which is your deepest core muscle. And just obviously preparation for a labor, and then for postpartum. Really, really important. But if Pilates isn’t your thing, then I would say just find something that works well for you. I also love cycling. I love Soul Cycle .So throughout my pregnancy, I tried to go to Soul Cycle as much as I could. Just finding something that you enjoy, that will be great out relieving stress, but then also really great for just keeping your body super healthy.

Third: Eat well

Third: Eat well

The third tip I wanted to share with you is to make sure that you’re eating well. This is one where you can like go ahead, and definitely roll your eyes at me. Because I’m sure that like, oh I mean, how many people? How many people are gonna tell you like, ?make sure you’re eating healthy, if you want you’re pregnant, make sure eating healthy while you’re pregnant?. But I would definitely say if you are looking to get pregnant, eating healthy is so important. Not just obviously like keep your body healthy, and to create a healthy environment for your baby. But fun fact if you’re like me, during my first trimester, I wish, I there was nothing I wanted less than a salad.

Any sort of green, how anything healthy honestly, I was so turned off by. Hey I’m really, all I ate were like chips, and carbs. I just wanted like bread.So, I think I even said in some of my pregnancy update articles, I wish that I ate healthier, like why I was trying to get pregnant, because it would have prepared my body, or I was hoping it would have sort of leveled out. I’m sure it doesn’t. But like it would have leveled out all the junk food I ate, during like the first few weeks of being pregnant. So, that’s sort of why I say eat healthy. Obviously eat healthy because you know you want to create a healthy environment for your baby.

It’ll just sort of improve your fertility, and improve the environment that you are creating inside. But also because you might be like me. When you got pregnant, you might only crave junk food. And then at least, maybe you could feel a little bit better about everything because you are eating healthier before, I don’t know.

Fourth: Take your prenatal vitamins

Fourth: Take your prenatal vitamins

So the next thing I wanted to talk about is taking your prenatal vitamins. So your OB will tell you that when you, even just think about getting pregnant or want to start trying to get pregnant, it’s pretty beneficial to start taking your prenatal vitamins and start to just get that folic acid in your body, because it’s so important for a baby’s development. Especially in the beginning. So I would say, start taking your prenatal vitamins. If you’re deficient in anything,it’ll hopefully kind of boost and take you out of that deficiency. You never know that could be the reason why you get pregnant, or you know obviously like we’ve, like I’ve said a million times, just creating a healthier environment for your baby will up your chances in conceiving.

Taking your prenatal vitamins will really really help with that. I mentioned this and the products we used to get pregnant article, but for a little while I was taking pregnant tude. It’s an all-natural supplement you, it’s like a little powder that you put in your water, or juice, or coffee. It’s flavorless, colorless, odorless. It really helps in improving the quality of your egg. This is it’s a reproductive support dietary supplement at the end of the day. So, it was a really nice way of just making sure again that I was getting all of the nutrients, and the vitamins I needed to support my fertility, and support my eggs.

The last: Track your period

The last: Track your period

The last natural and very easy way, that you can increase your chances of getting pregnant is to track your period. To track your ovulation cycle. I did that with an app. I use clue the app clue before we started trying really to get pregnant. Just so I could get an idea of exactly how long my cycle was, and then I used the ouvea app once we really started trying to get pregnant.

I found clue is like super user-friendly, and very easy to use. So if you just want to start tracking your period, and just sort of want to get introduced into the world of ovulation tracking, I would say close a really nice sort of very user friendly way of doing that. I preferred oviya to be honest, because I felt like it was just a little bit more of an in-depth app.I actually made a whole article. I’m gonna be posting it soon, comparing clue, the clue app to oviya. Because I think that, they’re both really great. They’re just, they provide a little bit of a different service.

I really, I really love how in-depth oviya is. And how easy it was to really get a grip on my ovulation cycle using that app. I have on there ways to track your cervical mucus, your basal body temperature, your weight, what you’re eating, your mood. All those things that come into play when you are trying to conceive. So, I would definitely check that out Those are my 5 easy and natural tips. I hope that you found them helpful. If you have any other easy natural ways tips to get pregnant, definitely leave them down in the comments below.

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