10 Tips On How To Really Get Rid Of Acne in One Week

10 Tips On How To Really Get Rid Of Acne in One Week

Hi everyone! Welcome back, today we gonna talk about 10 tips on how to prevent acne. Listen, we all breakout. You and me, It happens, it’s natural. But there are a few things that you can do, that will not only help prevent breakouts, but also help the treatment of those breakouts. Be easier and less painful. Sometimes literally. These 10 tips are things that we can personally use every day, to prevent and Get Rid Of Acne. So, I hope you all enjoy this article.

Tip 1 : Clean your makeup brushes

To Really Get Rid Of Acne You Have to Clean your makeup brushes

The very first thing that I always do to get rid of acne, every time I start majorly breaking out is to wash my makeup brushes. Now we should technically, be washing our makeup brushes, every time we use them. But washing your makeup brushes is kind of a bummer. So then, sometimes you’ll go weeks or maybe month without washing your makeup brushes, just to avoid the chore. But let me tell you that is really bad for your skin. All that bacteria, dirt, oil, makeup is just living in your makeup brushes. And every time you apply foundation, eye shadow, blush, bronzer, you’re putting all of that back onto your face. The more you use your makeup brushes, without washing them frequently, the more all that junk is just going to like start living in your face,? and clogging up your pores. Causing additional breakouts. So at the very very least, the first thing you need to do is wash your makeup brushes.

Tip 2 : Change your pillowcase and bed sheet

Similar to washing your makeup brushes to get rid of acne is to wash your bed sheet. At the very least, your pillowcases. Your pillowcase is soaked up, unless you have like a silk pillowcase, which I don’t think most of us do. But, I have cotton and cotton just soaked up all that moisture, dirt, oil. Even if you do wash your face every night which you should be doing anyways, and I only wash my hair maybe once, or twice a week.

So all of this happening in my hair is also rubbing off on my pillows. So all of that stuff again with the makeup brushes, is living in your pillowcases. Sleep on one side of the color for 2 days. Flip it over. Sleep on the other side of the pillow. And then change sheets, so you can basically get away with sleeping on the same pillowcase for a couple more days. But, you know if you have the opportunity to buy multiple pillowcases, do that. I think target has them for like 5 dollars. So it would be very good thing to have.

Tip 3 : Have a good and healthy diet

Have a good and healthy diet for get rid of acne

Tip number three is to look at your diet. When I break up like majorly, I know that it’s because I’m not eating well. So if you ever needed, an incentive to eat healthier,? do it for get rid of acne, do it for your skin. For me personally, dairy reeks absolute havoc on my skin. And on my body. When I eat it for a couple days in a row, I just feel bloated. My face feels gross. And that is when I start breaking out. Dairy is like the death of me. Again just listen to your body, if you feel like something in your stomach isn’t right, that probably means that you’re going to see some residual results in your face. So clean up your diet.

Tip 4: Keep your hair out of our face

Keep your hair out of our face-keep out acne of our face

The next tip to get rid of acne is to keep your hair, out of your face. Now this is actually the tip that has inspired this article. Because like I said earlier, I only wash my hair once or twice a week. Now because I am blonde, so I’m just trying to keep my hair as healthy as possible. But that being said, to clean it up I’m using a lot of dry shampoo. I’m using a lot of texturizing spray. So what has been happening now is, I’m breaking out along my jawline. And normally when you break out along your jawline, that means it has to do with your hair products. If you’re using a lot of hair products, and noticing that you’re breaking out more, it’s probably those products that are causing you to break out.

Tip 5: Stop touching your face

Stop touching your face - Stop acne in your face

Along the same lines, stop touching your face.? I personally get a lot of pimples on my chin, because I tend to lay my chin on my hand. And it’s really easy to not even realize that you’re doing it. So just be more aware of your mannerisms, and stop touching your face.

Tip 6: Use toner

Use toner to fight acne

The next tip to?get rid of acne is to tone. You know that toner is in everyday essential for me. I do use a Korean and Asian brand toners, which tend to be less harsh on the skin. More moisturizing. I’m having major breakout issues right now. Along my cheek area, and around my forehead. When that happens, that’s when I add my medicated toner. Sanitas medicated toner, that I have been using, work to treat and help prevent future breakouts without causing irritation. It penetrates deep into pores to kill acne causing bacteria. And then also helps to stimulate cell renewal.

So when I do notice that I’m breaking out a little bit more often than usual, that is a toner that I use every morning, and morning and night. But I also follow that toner up with my normal everyday toner that I use, because what Korean at toners do is, it actually balances out your pH level. It is really important to me to follow up the medicated toner which is an antiseptic, which could cause drying with my normal everyday toner, to rebalance out my skin. And make sure that it’s still well moisturized, and not over dried.

Tip 7 : Do not pop your pimples

Do not pop your pimples acne

The next tip is to not pop your pimples. Come on! I know that it’s tempting to play dermatologist, especially when you just know that you can just pop it, and get it out. But don’t! Because you may in fact be making your skin worse. At the very least, you will pop your pimple, and have redness and irritation along your skin. The very worst, you could actually be pushing bacteria, when you’re popping it. Back into your skin, even deeper than it was before. Causing more pimples underneath the skin. So it’ll actually take longer for those pimples to clear out. So, it’s just better to avoid it. And just wait. Go see a dermatologist. Go see an aesthetician. Have them pop your pimples. But for yourself, unless you’re professional do not do it.

Tip 8: Have a relax spot treatment

Have a relax acne spot treatment

The next step to?get rid of acne is to just relax on the spot treatment. While you might think that applying, or over applying spot treatments is helping your skin, you may actually be causing it to dry itself out. Making things worse. So over application of drying treatments. Well 1 drier your skin. And 2 because your skin is dried out. It’s going to cause your skin to over produce more oil. And then what happens? You get more pimples. When I have pimples, I don’t dab it all over my face. Take an ear swab, and just dab it on the very, very tip of that pimple. That way I know that it’s just drying the pimple, and not my skin. And I only do that once a day.

Tip 9 : Exfoliate


Okay tip number 9 is to exfoliate. Exfoliating is an important step for you to add to your skincare regiment. Pimpled or not. You should be doing this once, once to twice a week. It’s going to help unclog your pores, leading to healthier looking skin. I’ve been using this exfoliator for years now. And I really love it because the beads are really, really tiny. So, it really gives you a great clean. And how I like to exfoliate is I take a pump, wet my hands and just do circular motions around my problem areas. Which is around my chin, and my nose, and my cheeks. And just like the T zone of my forehead.

Tip 10: Have an appointment with the dermatologist

Have an appointment with the dermatologist

Okay the last tip to get rid of acne. And I feel like this is always an important tip when I do these skincare tip videos is to see a professional. Whether it’s a dermatologist, or an aesthetician, seeing a true professional is the only way that you will actually figure out, what is the main root of why you’re breaking out. And how to figure out, how to prevent it. I was in high school and my skin was majorly breaking out. That is when I saw a dermatologist. And then they prescribed me certain pimple creams. That you can’t get over-the-counter. But now that my skin has calmed down.

For the most part, that’s when I see Audrina my esthetician. Once a month. And then I follow up with her every 2 weeks. And? that’s just all preventive care. But when I do get those grosses pimples, if you who follow me on snapchat, you know that I was struggling with this a couple weeks ago. I always get them on my chin. When I get those, that’s when I make emergency appointment to see my aesthetician, and then she clears them up immediately.

Those are my 10 tips on how to get rid of acne. Of course while these tips are pretty universal in terms of the products that I use. And what I recommend, definitely proceed with caution because what works on my skin, won’t necessarily work on your skin. So always adjust your regimen. And routine according to what type of skin that you have. I hope this article was really helpful. If you have any other suggestions, on what you do to prevent acne, please let us know in the comments.

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