How to Deal with Morning Sickness – 5 Natural Home Remedies

5 Natural Home Remedies

Hi everyone. I wanted to share with you 5 natural remedies that I use for morning sickness. I was really blessed, my morning sickness wasn’t that intense. But I did always kind of have this little undercurrent of a little queasy, a little acid re-flux feeling. And I wanted something to help kind of take that edge off.

Number 1 :: How to Deal with Morning Sickness with Peppermint

How to Deal with Morning Sickness with Peppermint

So the thing I relied on, probably most heavily was peppermint. I searched far and wide for a peppermint that didn’t have sugar, and didn’t have NutraSweet. It was not an easy feat, but I did find something, and that was an menthol peppermints. I checked it out with my pharmacist and he said, it was perfectly fine to take during pregnancy. But I would recommend that you check out with your healthcare provider for you. But these were great. I would pop a couple of them in after a meal, and they would just kind of take that edge off. They’ve get rid of that kind of acity feeling, and really would soothe my stomach.

Number 2: Potatoes

Morning Sickness Home Remedies with Potatoes

The next thing I did was I ate potatoes, any kind of way you can possibly imagine. I did them fried, I had baked potatoes, I had mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes. I didn’t care, but what potatoes did was they really absorb some of that excess acid. They just took kind of that nauseous kind of queasy feeling away. I think the reason why is because, they’re very absorbent vegetable. They also, are very alkaline. They have a lot of minerals, very of alkaline quality. And so that really helped.

Number 3: Lemonade

Lemonade morning sickness remedies

To the next thing I did was have a lot of lemonade. Believe it or not. Because I think a lot of us, we think of lemons, we think of it being really acidic and kind of an irritant. But actually, the way the body processes lemons is very alkaline. So this was great. I would make big bottles of water ice, put the small, you know the squeezed lemon juice in there. Put a little natural stevia which is a sweetener, and it was delicious. And it settled my stomach. And it was a great way to get a lot of fluids in, which is also something that can help take the edge off of the nausea.

Number 4 for Morning Sickness Home Remedies : Papaya

Morning Sickness Home Remedies : Papaya

The other thing I tried was papaya. Enzymes and these are pretty self-explanatory. You can get them at any health food store, and they were particularly helpful. If I went out for like a steak dinner, or had like a bigger, heavier, or richer meal because they help you break down your food. And again, it kind of helped me move this through my intestinal system. And kind of took that kind of queasy feeling away.

Number 5: Consulting with nutritionist

Consulting with nutritionist

The last thing I did, and this is what could help with my nutritionist. So again, I recommend talking to your healthcare provider on this. But, I took up bentonite clay. I used a liquid form and what bentonite is, it’s really a natural absorbent. We’ve been, you know humans have been taking it for thousands of years. So, it’s not something new. And if we really don’t digest it, we don’t assimilate it. It just moves through our body. And as it does, it really absorbs any kind of toxins, or bacterias, or excess hormones. Just things our body doesn’t need. That’s causing some of those nausea?s side effects.

So those are the top 5 things that I use. I would love to hear anything that you guys use to help you along with any of your symptoms. This is all about sharing best practices. I hope some of this was helpful. And thanks for tuning in.


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