How to Remove The Spots From Your Face in Just 3 Nights

Remove The Spots Your Face Quickly and Naturally

How to remove the spots from your face in just 3 nights. Come on, not these dark spots again. If you only knew, how many women start today asking their mirror exactly this question. No wonder has dark spots, or hyper pigmentation, or montes choose whatever name you like most. Are one of the top skin problems. But they aren’t just popping up on the body and face, they’re also very unwilling to go away. In the worst case scenario, trying to make them disappear. You will just worsen the situation. A galaxy of dark spots. Horrifying. That’s why, before giving away the secret of getting rid of hyper pigmentation forever. We will tell you about the nasty dark spots themselves. And the reason for their appearance.

What are dark spots exactly? When your friend is complaining to you about the unevenness of her skin tone, she speaks about hyper pigmentation. Mostly middle-aged women are familiar with such a problem. But they’re not the only ones. Dark spots can appear at any age. The root of the problem is melanin. That’s where the shoe pinches. The body produces melanin and it’s cool. Otherwise our skin eyes and hair would be colorless. Can you imagine that? But if melanin gathers in one location on your skin, you see what’s happening? This patch becomes darker and stands out. It can be on your face, forehead, or cheek bones.

How to Remove The Spots From Your Face in Just 3 Nights

This problem may seem not so serious, but if it develops the help of a dermatologist may be needed. I do dark spots appear on your skin. Several factors can cause hyper pigmentation. It might be your genetics. Well thanks mom and dad. If you are pregnant, don’t be surprised to see a couple of dark spots in the mirror. It can be caused by hormones, and hormonal changes. Dark spots can be alarm bells of a liver disease. When the body’s intake of iron is higher than the amount required for your health. But the most likely way to acquire dark spots is to stay in the Sun for longer than it is recommended.

Your body is very clever. To protect itself from the solar radiation, it switches on some defense mechanisms. It produces melanin to protect the skin. But at the same time, this results in pigmentation. Not so clever after all huh. What you shouldn’t do to remove the spots? Let’s face it. When a woman sees some imperfection on her skin, her first instinct will be to scrub it away as soon as possible. Forget it. While daily skin exfoliation might be healthy for almost all types of skin. It doesn’t work for dark spots. What is more it can even make them bolder. How so? Scrubbing your face to diligently can become a trigger to the inflammation, which in turn will provoke hyper pigmentation. If you are still in doubt, one more point to consider.

Remove the Spots from Your Face Quickly

The pigment is located deep in the layers of your skin. When you scrub your face, you touch the skin only superficially. In other words, you aren’t able to reach the dark spots. Why waste your energy and time, and cause more harm than good. How to prevent and remove the spots? You shouldn’t stay in the bright sun. Try to avoid direct sunlight use sunscreen, and get yourself a daily moisturizer with minimum SPF 15. Protect your skin from pollutants. To do it wash your face two times a day, and use a scrub twice a week.

If you smoke, remember every cigarette is your main factory that produces pollution. If you know that your skin is prone to dark spots, you’d better avoid spray-on tans and tanning beds. The water you use to take a shower or bath. And most importantly, wash your face with is likely to be chlorinated. That’s why after using your cleanser, it’s a good idea to wash it off with the help of mi cellar water. Drink enough liquid and take vitamin E and C. They will provide antioxidants necessary for your skin protection. In the case, when the dark spots are the result of hormonal imbalance, reduce your stress levels. And avoid processed foods, red meat and other acidic products. Read Also :: 10 Tips to Get Rid Of Acne in One Week

Remove the Spots from Your Face Naturally

The way to remove the spots quickly and effectively. And without any unnecessary efforts. Time for a surprise. If you think that to get rid of the dark spots is if not impossible at least very hard, you’re wrong. There is one magic product that will become your best friend from now on. We bet that anybody knows it very well. It is a potato. Yep it’s not only an amazing source of french fries and crisps, it is a beauty product as well. Let’s see! One of the qualities potato has is its light bleaching ability. Thanks to it. The spots, blemishes, and even scars fade away. It contains starch which helps to reduce pigmentation. And makes your skin glow naturally.

Another ingredient you can find in a potato is the catecholase enzyme. It fights the discoloration of the skin, and improves its quality. Surprisingly, potatoes contain a healthy amount of vitamins including vitamins A, B, C, and E. How helpful are they? It’s enough to say that thanks to these ingredients, you won’t have to worry about premature face aging. As well as those age spots. The potato is famous for its nourishing and moisturizing properties. As a result, fewer wrinkles, spots, over even scars. Have you already bought all those potatoes in the nearest supermarket? Not yet? What are you waiting for? Go buy potatoes! And mark this article with a like. Because we’re about to tell you 5 great recipes to get rid of dark spots forever.

Recipe #1 to Remove The Spots

Potato to Remove The Spots

All you will need is just a potato. Great it can place the mix into a cheesecloth. Squeeze it tightly, so that the juice flows into a cup or a small bowl. Take a cotton ball, and soak it in the potato juice. Press the cotton ball lightly to the areas with the dark spots. The best time to do it is in the evening before going to bed. Don’t wash it away! Leave the juice on the spots overnight. In the morning, rinse it off. Another variation of this recipe is to use a potato cut into slices. You should rub it over any imperfections you would prefer to fade away. Keeping the juice on for just a couple of minutes is enough. After that, you can rinse it off.

Recipe #2

potato and lemon juice to Remove The Spots

Mix a potato and lemon juice. You know lemon, its juice in particular, due to its acidity has a very strong bleaching properties. What is more, it removes dirt and excess fat from your skin. A nice bonus is that the juice also works as an antiseptic. So you can imagine how powerful and effective will be the combination of potatoes and lemons. You will need 1 medium size potato, fresh juice of half a lemon, grate or blend the potato and add the lemon juice. Mix it until you get a homogeneous taste. When it’s ready, apply the remedy to the problem zones. Use light circular movements. After a minute, stop them and don’t touch your face for 20 minutes. Then rinse it off.

Recipe #3

The mix of potato and cucumber. Cucumbers have a soothing and softening effect on your skin. They contain antioxidants and therefore, help your skin to fight wrinkles and the damage from the Sun. Some compounds that can be found in cucumbers reduce inflammation and slow down the process of aging. You will need 1 medium sized potato, half a cucumber. Blend the potato and the cucumber until you get a homogeneous taste. Put this mixture on your face, and rub very gently using light circular movements. Leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash it away thoroughly.

Recipe #4 :: Pomegranates can Remove the Spots from Your Face Quickly and Naturally

Pomegranates can Removes the Spots from Your Face Quickly and Naturally

The mix of potato, lemon juice, and pomegranate. Pomegranates are rich in enzymes. This fact means that they are quite helpful when dealing with the dark spots. An additional plus here, is that the components of pomegranate juice have the rejuvenating effect on your skin, making it glow.

You will need 1 medium sized potato, a cup of pomegranate seeds, mixed with? a tablespoon of water. Fresh juice of half a lemon. After peeling and grading the potato, put it in the blender. Add the pomegranate seeds. Blend the concoction for several minutes. Then add the lemon juice. Mix it well and pour the result of your work into an ice cube tray. Put it in the freezer for an hour or two. After that, all you need to do is rub an ice cube over the dark spots, and leave them be for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, it’s okay to wash your face.

Recipe #5

potato and yogurt remove spots in your face

The mix of potato and yogurt. You will need one small potato, and 1 teaspoon of yogurt. Grate the potatoes, so that it has the form of a paste. Mix 1 teaspoon of this paste, and 1 teaspoon of natural yogurt. Apply this mixture to your face using a brush. It’s enough to leave this mask on for about 15 minutes. Then rinse it off with cool water. You will immediately feel how soft and nourished your skin is.

Do you have your methods of fighting the dark spots? Have you used any recipes from this article ? Please share with us in the comments below. Stay forever young with perfect unblemished skin.

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