3+ Soft Foods I Eat In A Day Post Wisdom Teeth Surgery

What Soft Foods I Eat In A Day Post Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Good morning everyone! Welcome to another article. Today, I thought it would be interesting you guys, to see what I eat in a day when I’m not feeling 100%. In this case about Soft Foods After Teeth Surgery, I have just recently got my full wisdom teeth removed. And by has it been a journey, has been a bit of a struggle, this recovery process. So it’s just a little bit of background. In case you’re interested so. For members, some teeth were impacted. They hadn’t grown out at all.

They were starting to push against my back molars. And yes, where I haven’t had since the coin roll big.? I haven’t taken any medication in over 5 years. It was funny because I was like yeah, I’m totally going to do a fully raucous dinner. Just not use any painkillers or numbing agents. But the other idea didn’t last very long. But I did decide to go under local, instead of general. So I was awake in the chair during the procedure, I chose to do that because at least, it is a lot less toxic than going right under and having the numbing agent plays and run through your entire body. And yeah, I’m really glad that I chose to do that. The procedure went really smoothly and really fast.

I was like in, and out within like 20 to 25 minutes. Probably the worst part was getting the the needles, I had 8 needles altogether. So yeah, that was all good. And then I came home, and the oral surgeon had prescribed a course of antibiotics, and 3 types of painkillers. No way was I going to take the antibiotics. I’m never taking them again. Unless, it’s like a life or death situation. I used to take antibiotics a lot when I was a little girl, and I think they played a really big part in a lot of the health issues, that I have now see, I came home and the numbing agent was obviously still working.

I was feeling okay, and I was like, ?yeah I got this?. Like I don’t need to take pain killers. About 4 hours passed, and numbing agent started to wear off, and the pain kicks in.It was so bad. I’m just not tough enough. And I ended up taking over a two-day period. I took 7 painkillers, I took paracetamol which is the most gentle of the of all the painkillers, and the most gentle stomach, and yeah, I’m really glad I took them. They really helped me to get through the process. And they helped me to fall asleep because it was a bit tricky to fall asleep with all the pain.

Foods for Post Wisdom Teeth Surgery

After our day 2, I didn’t need to take any more. I will put in some pictures around here of what I looked like. I definitely got a lot of swelling and a lot of bruising down one side. But all in all, I’m glad I got it done. And I’m really grateful that I didn’t end up getting any infection at all. I didn’t end up getting a dry socket, which I know can be quite common among people and really painful. I’m doing natural routine after getting my wisdom teeth removed.

Rinsing four times a day with warm water, warm spring water and natural sea salt. And also gave me like, this little sort of needle shooter things. I put the warm water in there and I shot it right into whether with some teeth remove. And then I used ice packs. I actually used a psyche ice packs on my breathing to help with the swelling, and then I also downloaded some olive oil, and a little bit of water each morning and each night. And I got some cotton bars, and then I dab that around the affected area. And around the surrounding teeth. Clove was really antibacterial, so I think that really helps prevent any infections too. 4 to 3 days after the procedure.

I’ve spent a lot of time throwing up. So vomiting and a lot of diarrhea. My body went straight into detox mode after the procedure, which I’m really happy about it, was just working to detox all of the toxins out of my body. I was really, no obvious a lot of the time. I completely pretty much lost my appetite. Even though like the old surgeon and everyone was like? I’ll make sure you eat to help your body recover?. I definitely don’t believe that. I believe that when your body is detoxing, trying to recover from something we don’t want to be consuming a lot of food and a lot of heavy food, because that is going to slow down the entire process.

So I really respected and honored my body’s wishes. And listened to my body. It definitely didn’t want any or a lot of food. So I’ve spent 10 days so far, just on the clothes. And I feel like that really helped my body to detoxify, and cleanse all the toxins out. So I thought, I would showing you what I’ve been consuming every day on my liquid diet while recovering from my, we’ve been teeth removal.

Medicine Tea to

Medicine Tea for post wisdom teeth surgery

So the first Soft Foods After Teeth Surgery of the day I’ve been actually having up, being different that you guys haven’t seen me had before. And that is a special medicinal tea, that I’ve been making up. And it’s been really nice because it’s also in the middle of the winter. So it’s a bit chilly for. The tea has been really nice, and nourishing, and warming to my body. So I’ve been getting up and having that tea at about 9:00 or 10:00 every morning. So during this process, I’ve actually stopped my intermittent fasting. I don’t really know why again. I’m just listening to my body, and I’ve been feeling like drinking this tea earlier in the morning.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. So let me show you how to be making it. I put 1 cup of spring water in a saucepan, piece of fresh minced turmeric. And I add in 1 teaspoon of chaga mushroom powder. Some raw ginger powder, teaspoon of maca powder, a sprinkle of black pepper to help with the absorption of turmeric. I start to heat that up really gradually and stir that all together. I pour it into my mouth. And then I add 1 teaspoon of raw honey. Now I know okay, I’m 99.99% vegan. I do enjoy to have some raw honey every so, often I find it really medicinal and I’ve really been craving it on this recovery journey. And I always make sure to do my research, and make sure that it’s from a sustainable source.

Best Soft Foods After Teeth Surgery :: Watermelon and orange juice

Watermelon and orange juice

The second Soft Foods After Teeth Surgery is?Watermelon and orange juice. So it’s a couple of hours later, now it’s about 12:30. And I’m going to whip up two different juices. One to have for lunch. And then one to have later for dinner. So I’ve got a chiropractic appointment in a couple of hours. And then I’ve got a health coaching session tonight. So I’m not going to have time to make my dinner tonight. I’m going to make it now. So for the first juice, I’m going to juice up this half or watermelon. It’s in the middle of winter through. The strange that we have watermelon right now. But it’s organic and, and it’s super sweet. I’m not going to pass up a chance to use it. So I think I’m going to do setup, where I’ve got about 8 oranges here.

Pineapple, apples, kiwi and celery

Pineapple, apples, kiwi and celery to eat a day after wisdom teeth surgery

The third Soft Foods After Teeth Surgery And also become my second juice which I’ll have for dinner, I’ve got beautiful right pineapple. And I’m going to do setup. I’ve got a few red apples here, and some celery, and kiwi fruit, and ginger. So I’ll show you the finished product.

So I’ve got 2 finished products here. I’ve got my watermelon and orange juice. And then I’ve got my pineapple, apple, kiwis, celery, and ginger juice. So I’m gonna get some breakage fry for you. Yum yum yum. I’m going to drink this one now, and then I will have my green juice probably, around it’ll be after my health coaching sessions around 7 o’clock tonight. So I really hope you guys enjoy today’s video, of what I when I’m not feeling 100% after getting my wisdom teeth removed. Definitely give it a thumbs up if you did enjoy the video. And leave me a comment down below. Let me know what you think and don’t forget to read also about whiten teeth at home naturally

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